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• 10:00h.-14:00h./ 16:00h.- 20:00h. From Monday to Saturdays

We speak spanish, english, german, french and russian.

If you use the contact form,your data will not be used for any other aim than to respond to your questions or petitions.Read our Privacy policy befor accepting it.

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The personal information that has been solicited through this form,is the minimum information required in order to attend your  information request and will be treated by ANNEMIE BEATRIZ SCHWEIM,located at PARTIDA CAP NEGRET 7,FLOOR 4,ALTEA (ALICANTE) ,03590, according to our established PRIVACY POLICY with the purpose to be able to attend any requests that  have been solicited through this form. ​The collected information through this form will not be given to third persons, except for legal obligation. We remind you that you have the right to  the access, rectification, limitation of the treatment, suppression, portability and opposition to the treatment of your information, sending your petition to the indicated address or via email to BEATRIZBEAUTYCENTER@HOTMAIL.COM. Also you can get in touch with us for any further information.
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